At first glance, the connection between remote work and the real estate market may not be apparent. But, if you look closely, it’s easy to see just how interrelated the two are.

When you work from home day in and day out, your humble abode becomes that much more essential. Do you have space for a home office? Is it a place you’re happy working from 40 or more hours a week? And due to the pandemic, does your partner also have space to work? What about your kids? Do they have a spot in the house where they can log in to online school? Achieving a good work-life balance while working from home can be challenging. It takes careful thought and planning. Even more so when everyone has suddenly become a remote worker due to coronavirus.

1.Create a Home Office

The home office is more than just a place to get work done. It’s a mix of aesthetics, relaxing decor, and accessories to complete your tasks in solace and comfort. So you shouldn’t skimp on the accoutrements if possible. Creating a home office sanctuary doesn’t have to break the bank. Plus, it’s a necessary part of work life balance. With a streamlined office setup, you can knock items off your to-do list while also indulging your personal life.

2. Prioritise Your Time

Prioritization is a pivotal aspect of work life balance. Without it, you’re floundering to devise schedules and separate your time between work and play. Therefore, you should come up with some type of schedule to suit your needs. This schedule can follow one, two, or both schools of thought. One idea is to create a to-do list for daily and weekly goals. At the beginning of the week, draft your weekly to-do list. And each evening, put together a daily to-do list. Follow these religiously to get the most out of your day.

3. Make Time for Yourself

Setting aside time to take care of yourself will bring balance to your day and give you the energy and focus to tackle the next task with your mind refreshed. Prioritize exercise, hobbies, or a workday meditation practice—anything that brings you joy and peace will positively impact your ability to achieve better work-life balance when you work from home.

4. Make a fitness routine (and stick to it) to guarantee time for hobbies.

If you find that your time spent working is draining you, carve out time for fitness while you work at home. This can be life-changing for so many people once they commit time in the day to working on fitness or exercise goals. Some of our favourite ways to focus on fitness while working remotely is engaging in a “step count competition,” tracking our runs or bike rides with apps like Strava or making sure I tick a box every day for some YouTube yoga classes.




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