Risk involved in buying a resale flat

Buying a resale flat has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The Resale Flat is an affordable solution to the Accommodation Needs of Salaried individuals. In the Current scenario of COVID-19 people are most Preferable a ready Passions flats. Builder Construction is a slowdown in the COVID-19 Situation. So Most of the Real-estate developments are slowing down. 

The lockdown-like restrictions that were imposed during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, led to a drop in the number of property registrations. And People Are also facing problems with Home Loan EMI. Pune Resale property market Demand is increasing after the Second Wave of the COVID-19.

if you want to buy property in Pune. Pune has always been Mumbai’s affordable cousin. In recent years though, homebuyers have felt that given the development in terms of infrastructure, jobs, and housing, property prices in Pune are climbing. Demand and supply scenarios in the city suggest that end-users are enquiring about property in the city and this may be a good time to buy if you are looking at discounts and price advantages. Pune is one of the most promising real estate markets in the country and reputed developers have cashed in on the opportunity.

While most people prefer to buy a home from the primary market, the secondary or resale market is another option they can explore. Here are a few of the pros and cons of buying from this market.

Typical issues with resale flats

Verification of documents

Property documents are an essential part of any property investment. It is important for the homebuyer to get the property documents such as ‘Sale Deed’ and ‘Agreement to Sell’ verified and checked before purchasing the property. Ideally, a broker or a legal expert should be involved in this process since they can thoroughly verify the property documents while making sure that the title of the property is clear so as to avoid any legal complications in the future.


As the surrounding infrastructure, good connectivity, and well-developed social infrastructure are to be taken care of while buying a resale property. In a city like Pune, the Development of residents’ areas is a major concern. Location is a prime concern when you plan to invest in a resale property. Several factors such

Finding the right broker

Certain factors determine if you have chosen the right broker or not. For instance, the broker should have sound knowledge of the real estate sector and must be aware of the price trends of the area he is dealing in. Apart from availability, another expectation that you should have from your broker is a timely response to a query. You should also take feedback from the broker’s past clients regarding their experience throughout the process.

Carrying out property repairs

Resale properties generally have wear and tear and some visible damages such as cracked tiles, peeling paint on the walls and doors, and leaking roofs. The owner, however, does not talk about these damages but once you move in, you realize that these damages require repair work and quick fixes. This will have an impact on your overall budget. So, carry out an extensive inspection of the external part of the property to avoid additional expenditure later. Even if the property is furnished, you might want to carry out refurbishing at some parts of your new home which will add up to your budget. Projects which are recently constructed come equipped with amenities such as a clubhouse, children’s play area, and park. “One of the disadvantages of buying a 10-15 years old resale property is that either these amenities are not provided or they are not up to the standard.

Check if the property is already mortgaged

It is important to check with the existing owner if he/she has already taken a loan against the property you are purchasing. If the property is already mortgaged, the bank will release the original documents only when the existing owner repays the remaining amount. In that case, the new owner will not be able to get any new loan until he applies for a new loan, the existing owner cannot repay the existing loan. However, in most cases, the bank offers an option of transferring the existing loan to the home seeker which is a long process and may not be practical in all cases.

Lack of knowledge

A potential home seeker who knows little about the real estate sector is not aware of the tax liabilities, circle rates, property registration charges, and stamp duty to be paid to the civic authorities. This is when the role of a broker or property consultant comes into play as they have better knowledge and will help you deal with all these processes to make it a hassle-free experience for you.

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